Saturday 11 February 2012

saturday in marylebone

spent this saturday afternoon in the sunshine wandering down marylebone high street.

conran has great windows featuring "into the woods" - furniture of different wood types with trees depicted in the background -

looks like the space left by belgian bistro cafe luc will be replaced by a new italian restaurant which is due to open in march - watch this space.

onwards to designers guild which has fresh spring colours in store - check out the green bedlinen and towels for a bit of zing -

next was daunt books and i picked up a copy of leo benedictus' "the afterparty"which i am really looking forward to reading... daunt has so many tables of good looking books it is hard not to walk out empty handed (

a quick whizz round le fromagerie (for cheese of course) and then sight seeing in the ginger pig, i then picked up a new propelling pencil in monocle. the lady was terribly nice but i was frustrated that the new edition is out and although i have a subscription it still hasn't arrived! sort it out tyler...

finally a pit stop was taken in sensory lab (the new sister of st ali of clerkenwell fame  the place and the staff are warm and welcoming.

another good afternoon for mr specs (and a haul of goodies as well).

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